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Dear Sirs

subject to prior sale we can offer


1.)   12.5 MW complete Biomass Power Plant

Manufacturer:  Westinghouse Turbine and Generator (1953 vintage), Zurn Boiler

(original boiler at construction)

Year of Construction:  Facility in 1983

Running hours:  It ran at approximately 93% to 97% capacity from 1983 to 2002

Location:   USA


CLASSIFICATION: 1953 Westinghouse Condensing, Extraction, Impulse Turbine driving a Two-pole AC Generator at 3600 RPM.

UNIT RATING: By design, the limitation of the turbine-generator unit is the limitation of the prime mover - the turbine. Thus, maximum output is 12,650 Gross KW.


STEAM TEMPERATURE: 825 degrees Fahrenheit



KILOWATTS: 12,650 kw


PRESSURE: The initial steam pressure at the turbine throttle valve inlet shall not exceed 600 psig average over a 12 month period of operation at rated load. At reduced load the average should not exceed 630 psig. Absolute maximum inlet pressure in abnormal situations is 780 psig (aggregate duration of this pressure not to exceed 12 hours per 12 month period).

TEMPERATURE: The initial steam temperature at the turbine throttle valve inlet shall not exceed 825 F average over a 12 month period. Absolute maximum inlet temperature in abnormal situations is 875 F (at this temperature, limit is 15 minutes duration per swing and aggregate duration not to exceed 80 hours per 12 month period).





KVA 13,529




THROTTLE VALVE: The throttle valve is hydraulically operated to control the flow of steam to the turbine during start-up. Turning the valve wheel repositions a valve that controls the flow of high-pressure oil into the operating cylinder. The operating cylinder is used in conjuction with the low oil and overspeed trips on the unit.

STEAM CHEST: The turbine governor controls the steam chest first stage nozzle valves. The valves seats are of the diffuser type. Partial-load operation is more efficient this way due to the reduction of throttling losses.




The major difference between impulse and reaction blading is the shape of the blades. By design, impulse blading gets a pressure drop, and thus work, accross the moving blades only. The fixed blading, or diaphragms serve only to redirect the steam. With reaction blading, there is a pressure drop accross the fixed and moving blades. Therefore, reaction blading is usually used in the low pressure end of a turbine before entering the condenser. Although work is done across fixed and moving blading, reaction blades are less efficient than impulse.

EXTRACTIONS: There are four extractions on this turbine for heat exchanger and gland seal supply steam. For more information, see Specs - Boiler / Steam

ROTOR GLANDS: The glands are of the Labyrinth-type. Multiple spring-back seal rings maintain very close clearance to the turbine rotor. Steam at approximately 1 psi is supplied to the high and low pressure glands to further seal the clearances. The gland at the low pressure prevents air from leaking in. The gland at the high pressure end prevents steam from leaking out.


A generator has three requirements: 1) A magnetic field, 2) a conductor, and 3) relative motion between the two to cut flux and produce electricity. The Bio Energy generator consists of two generators. The exciter which produces DC power and the generator which produces AC power (an AC generator is also called an alternator). The generated DC voltage of the exciter, (usually in the 100 - 150 DC V range at 120 - 170 DC A), supplies the magnetism to the generator 2-pole rotor. The stator, or stationary windings, of the generator are the conductors.

A General Electric current limiting reactor is installed to prevent the destructive flow of energy that may be caused by a short circuit or overload. A multitude of realys are also interlocked to protect the generator and exciter from abnormal conditions.

Cooling for the generator is provided by two water cooled heat exchangers that run the length of the unit on both sides. The exciter and collector are cooled by a shaft driven fan which takes suction and discharges to the area below the unit.

Price: 3,850,000.- USD

needs to be removed from the site.

Detailed information as Scope, Drawings, Pictures, Calculations etc on request.  


For more information ask by Email


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Added A.)  Gas Turbine (G 24 heavy fuel oil/ crude oil), Generator (40 MVA) 

now only 8 units left!!

This offer provides for the delivery of Power Plant Equipment with currently 12 (now only 8 units left!!) units of 25 MW electrical output each. The minimal offer consists of the supply of 4 groups, each including Gas Turbine (G 24 heavy fuel oil/ crude oil), Generator (40 MVA) and related auxiliary equipment.

 1.   Technical Data

1.1 Performance Data per Equipment Group 

· Design                                                 heavy duty, easy to maintain

· Electrical Output                                 ~ 25 MW

· Efficiency                                            ~ 24 %

· Turbine Inlet Temperature                  750 ° C

· Turbine Outlet Temperature               340 ° C

· Generator Voltage                               10.5 kV

· Frequency                                           50 Hz

· Fuel Consumption                               ~ 9.3 t/ h

· Calorific Value of Oil                           ~ 40 000 kJ/ kg 



· Liquid Fuel                                     Heavy Fuel Oil/ Crude Oil



· Output                                                       40 MVA

· Speed                                                        3 000 RPM

· Voltage                                                      10.5 kV

· Enclosure                                                  IP 54 ICW 37

· Insulation System                                     F

· Excitation                                                  static


        Start-up Motor 

· Output                                                       2.5 MW

· Voltage                                                      6.3 kV


        Main Transformer 

· Output                                           40 MVA

· Voltage                                          10.5/ 6.3 kV

110 kV


·           Lubrication System

·           Control System

·           Instrumentation

·           Fuel System

·           Electrical Equipment

·           Spare Parts


        Additional Data 

·           NOx Emission                         < 500 ppm

·           Manufacturer                          Bergmann- Borsig Berlin

·           Number of Machines              6

·           Location                                  Germany

·           Operating Time                       average 4 000 h

·           Starts                                       average 2 000

·           Time for Dismantling              ~ 1 month

·           Time for Shipment                  depending on new Site

·           Time for Erection                    ~ 3 months

·           Layout                                     located on Steel Foundation in a Power House

·           Weight                                     ~ 350 t


2.   Commercial Data


2.1 Basic Equipment 

Gas Turbine and Generator (approx. 3 000 h) together with

Auxiliary Equipment as per Technical Data Description              2.70 Mio € each


2.2 Scope of Services 

2.2.1 Test/ Dismantling/ Packing 

Expertise and Electrical Test of Generator

Dismantling, Packing for Seafreight

Transport and Insurance to German Port                                    0.800 Mio € each


Time required for dismantling, packing and transport to

German harbour approx. 6 weeks for 4 Units.


2.2.2 Maintenance Issues 

New Air Filters

Noise Dampers


State of the Art I&C/ New Turbine Controller (no Control Room)

Fuel Heating Device   

Price 1.480 Million Euro each ---  PRICE NEGOTIABLE!!




Added B.)  (7) x 5.6 MW, De Laval Generator Sets

13.8 kV, 3 phases, 60 Hz, 450 rpm


Diesel Engine

      Manufacturer                                            De Laval Enterprise, USA

      Model                                                           DSRV 16-4

      Type                                                              Four-stroke-cycle, Turbocharged, After-cooled

V-type with Trunk-type Pistons, Stationary Diesel

      No of Units                                                 Seven (7)

      Rated Output                                            8905 Hp (6643 kW)

      Dependable Capacity                             7506 Hp (5600 kW)

      Speed                                                           450 rpm

      No of Cylinder                                           16

      Cylinder Bore                                             17 inches (430 mm)

      Piston Stroke                                             21 inches (530 mm)

      Specific Fuel Rate                                     50% - 0.378 lb/BHp-hr (0.230 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)

75% - 0.371 lb/BHp-hr (0.226 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)

100% - 0.384 lb/BHp-hr (0.233 kg/BkW-hr) (HFO)

      Total Length                                                               232 inches (5890 mm)

      Width                                                            180 inches (4572 mm)

      Height                                                           150 inches (3810 mm)

      Total Weight                                              Approximately 250,000 lbs (113 tons)

      Fuel                                                               Bunker C (continuous)

Distillate (start and stop)

      Heat Rate                                                    each 6736 Btu/BHp-hr (9029.5 Btu/BkW-hr)

      Fuel Heating                                                              Steam from Waste Heat Recovery Boiler

      Type of Control                                         Automatic (PLC, GE Fanuc), Remote


      Manufacturer                                            Electric Machinery/Dresser Rand

      Type                                                              Brushless Synchronous Generator

      No of Units                                                 10 units

      Rated Capacity                                          8.019 MVA / 6.415 MWe

      Dependable Capacity                             5.400 MWe

      Rated Voltage                                           13.8 kV

      Rated Current                                           335 Ampere

      Rated Speed                                                              450 rpm

      No of Phase                                                               3

      Frequency                                                  60 Hz

      Power Factor                                             80%


< Short Story >

      Complete set with all auxiliary equipment (Please refer to pictures)

      Overhaul History : In 1997, all these generator sets had been overhauled in the original manufactory (De Laval Enterprise) and with Certification of overhauled

      YOM : 1973

      Running hours : about 41000 hours (total), 40000 hours (after overhaul)

Since 1973, these Gen-sets were working in a mine total 1000 hours (only for tested running) and then the mine was disused by government later. Since 1997, A National Power Plant purchased all of the sets as used equipment. Based on the national law rule, all the Gen-sets must have a overhaul certificate from the original manufactory, either new or used. So they hired the original manufactory (De Laval Enterprise) to overhaul all of the Diesel Engines and the Alternators, and upgraded the generator sets with PLC of GE FANUC. So, the total running is about 40000 hours from 1997 until 2004.

     Quantity available for now : seven (7) sets of 6643 kW (rated output)

            Current Location : South East Asia


Price:  4,120,000.- USD



Added C.) 36.5 MW  PG6471-B GT       

Gas turbine brand      Nanjing Turbine JV GE             

GT country of origin   China     

GT model        PG6471-B          

date of Manufacture  1994      

running hour   29845    

rated output power MW        36,5       

GT fuel            HFO, diesel       

last date of overhaul  July.2004           

hour left until next overhaul  15000 hours      

number of start up     2057 times        

turbine control           Mark IV             

generator maker        Nanjing Turbines Works          

generator model        QFR-36-1          

generator output voltage      10 kV     

output frequency        50Hz      

 control           Hz          

generator output power        36000kW          

diesel start up engine            Detroit V71T 630hp      

HRSG   Harbin Boiler Factory               

boiler output   65T 3.82MP 445C         

steam turbine maker Nanjing Turbine Factory          

steam turbine model QF-15-2 , output power 15MW           

 gear box        TP3000              

control panel  1 set      

air inlet system          1 set      

exhaust system           1 set      

CO2 panel       1 set      

high voltage switch panel      GG-1A(F)2-03    

main transformer      SF8-63000/110             

plant transformer      SF 1250/10     



Added D.) 16 MW Caterpillar 3616 Diesel Power Plan

(4) x 4 MW

11 kV, 750 rpm

Make & Model : Caterpillar, 3616

Installed in 1996

Working hours : 20194, 20358, 19321, 21980



Make : AVK, Germany

Type : DIDBV P/8

No. : 8418138A002

50 Hz,, 5163 kVA  each

750 rpm, 3 phases, 11 kV


EXCT   44 V, F Class, IP 23, K752.2.23, 85V, 200 Hz, 20 tons

1250 W, 220 V, 3.6A

Make : 1995

CAT 3616

BHP 5793, 750 rpm, 4320 kW

C/S  50 , 5163 kVA, 11 kV

Year : 1995


Fuel Consumption : 0.057 gallon per kWh



Engine : 4 units

Alternator : 4 units

Cooling Towers

Lube Oil Filters

Exhaust System

Control Panels


Other related Panels


Fire Fighting and other Controls

Price for the complete Plant : 2,398,000.- USD as is where is




Added E.)  3 x 5.2 MW Model #18KU30A 

Mitsubishi Generator Sets                


Three Mitsubishi 5.2MW generator.

year 2003




Hours: 10,000 - 15,000 each

3 sets


$660,000.00 each As is where is

(Complete with Fuel Treatment Module)

More pictures on request





Added F.)  30 MW Sulzer Power Plant, 60 Hz 

with complete auxiliaries and spare parts.

Please note that the units were installed in early and middle part of 90's..... well maintained.


Make Z.U.T. ZGODA SULZER (Poland)

Model 12 ZV 40/48

Serial numbers 50612

Nominal Power of Diesel Engine 6180 kW (measured at shaft under ISO conditions)

Number of strokes 4 (four)

Cylinder Power 550 kW/cylinder

Number of Cylinders 12

Nominal speed 514 rpm

Maximum power in one hr 7260 kW (during 12 operating hr. each)

Piston Diameter 400 mm

Piston stroke 480 mm

Cylinder capacity 60.82 L/cylinder

Effective pressure 1.99 MPa.

Combustion pressure 12.8 MPa

Average piston speed 8.224 m/s

Flywheel effect (W*R sq.) 4.94 Tm?


The nominal power of the Engine corresponds to the operating instructions of ISO 3046.

Under the above conditions and assuming a calorific value of 42.707 kJ/kg, the specific fuel

throughput is as follows:

100% load 201 g/kWh + 5%

75% load 201 g/kWh + 5%

50% load 205 g/kWh + 5%

Lube-oil consumption - the consumption in the lube system of the working face of the Cylinders

amounts to 80% of the total consumption

Amount of heat dissipated by the Engine : 290 kW

Combustion air consumption under nominal conditions : 52,500 kg/hr

Air cleaning (by means of NSA filter) : up to 5 g/m3 solids

Mass of Exhaust under nominal conditions : 53,800 kg/hr

Temperature of gasses after turbo compressor under nominal conditions : 340 0C

Noise level at suction and exhaust sides after silencer : 85 dBA

Operating parameters stable minimum speed : 320 rpm

Admissible operating duration at no load : 30 min.

A) Barring Gear (Turning Gear)

B) Turbocharger (Left & Right)

C) Air-cooler (Left & Right)


A) Brushless AC Generator

Make Ideal Electric, (OHIO, USA)

Model Type SAB

Capacity 7500 kVA (6000 kW)

Frame M8-31

Voltage 13,800 V

RPM 514

Amp. 314

Phase / Hz 3 / 60 Hz

Wire 6

Duty Continuous

Power factor 0.8

Class Ins. F

Temp. rise 105 0C

Rise by Res. Amb. temp. 40 0C

B) Brushless Exciter


Frame BE 16-6

kW output 50

DC volts / Amp. 250 V / 200 A

Class Ins. F

Fld. Volts / Amps. 125 V / 8.8 A

Temp. rise 80 0C

Exciter surge prot. B57826-GR1

Rectifiers qty. 3 no. B-54922-F, no. B-54922-R

C) Permanent Magnet Alternator


1) Suction Air

A) Locker Air-Maze Heavy Duty Oil Bath Air Filter (2 Units)

B) Air Suction BR

C) Expansion Bellows

2) Control Air Equipment

A) Air Bottle

B) Condensate Drain

C) Pressure Reducing Valve

D) Air Dryer

E) Automatic Drain Valve

F) Filter


1. Raw Water System

A) Cooling Tower

B) Raw Water Pump (Running)

C) Raw Water Pump (Spare)

D) Raw Water Strainer

2. Jacket Water System

A) Jacket Water Heat Exchanger (Alfa Laval)

B) Jacket Water Thermostat (AMOT)

C) Jacket Water Pump (Running) (Ajax Elite)

D) Jacket Water Pump (Spare) (Ajax Elite)

E) Circulating Pump (Ajax Elite)

F) Jacket Water Expansion Tank

3. Nozzle Cooling Water System

A) Nozzle Cooling Water Pump (Running)

B) Nozzle Cooling Water Pump (Spare)

C) Heater


A) L.O. Separator Module (LOPX 707)

B) Feed Pump (running)

C) Feed Pump (spare)

D) Pre-Lube Pump

E) Oil Cooler

F) Lube-Oil Filter (Boll and Kirch Auto back-flushing)

G) Indicating Filter (Boll and Kirch)

H) Thermostatic Valve (AMOT 6BO)

I) Cylinder Lube-Oil Tank

J) Lube-Oil Sump Tank

K) Lube-Oil Sludge Tank

L) Lube-Oil Sludge Tank Pump


1. Three-way Valve for HFO/MDO

2. Supply Pumps

3. Pressure Control, Overflow Valve

4. Flow Meter

5. Deaeration System

6. Circulating Pumps

7. Steam heat exchanger

8. Electric heat exchanger

9. Viscosity transducer

10. Filter Arrangement

11. Alarm Cabinet

12. Fuel Sludge Tank

13. Fuel Sludge Tank Pump


A) Silencer (rolled plate)

B) Smoke Stack (rolled plate)

C) Ducting

D) Expansion Bellows

Price 4,340,000.- USD




2.)  7.6 MW Cogeneration Gen-Set (MAN B&W Holeby):

The power plant equipment subject to this quotation is a currently running power plant which is newly overhaulled and in well condition for operation in though site conditions. The unit can easily burn fuels with viscosity up to 700 cSt. The engine MAN B&W Holeby 18V28/32H is the most reliable engine of its class and range. The engine speed is 750 rpm which provides low maintenance costs and higher reliability. The reason for the operator to sell the plant is that HFO No.6 is no more cheap in the country where it is located. Besides the gen-set; all relevant tanks, pipings, and necessary equipments including the electrical switchgear is included in the scope of supply as this is a currently operated power plant.

       Please be informed that the unit shall be uninstalled from the current location, transported and installed in new site in 5 - 6 months which means a short period for such power plants, it is not possible to provide the new plants of the same range with the same type of engine in a shorter time than 9-12 months which is a long term. 


1)         GEN-SET (MAN B&W Holeby):

2 pcs MAN B&W Holeby Engine + 2 pcs of AVK Alternator + Complete Control System

Working Hours : 30.000 hours(first gen-set), 31.000 hrs (second gen-set)

Latest Overhaull at : 28.500 hrs(first gen-set), 29.500 hrs (second gen-set)

Engine Output (Continious Power): 3960 kWe

Alternator Output : 3800 kWe

2)         Fuel System

-           2 pcs of Fuel Supply System (Booster Module) which can either feed diesel oil or crude oil or heavy fuel oil up to 700 cSt viscosity. This provides a high fuel flexibility. MAN engines can easily burn such fuels of variable fuels while other engine makes can not.

-           2 pcs. Fuel Separators.

-           2 pcs of Fuel Oil Filling Pump (For filling the Fuel Tank)

-           2 pcs of (No.6 Fuel Oil) transfer pumps

-           Fuel Oil Storage Tank

-           Fuel Oil Buffer Tank

-           Fuel Oil Service Tank

-           Waste Oil Tank

-           Sludge Tank

-           Diesel Oil Service Tank     

-           The sludge separators can separate the waste fuel oil(sludge) and regain some of the fuel and can additionally burn it in the engine thus saves an amount of fuel and reaches an increased system efficiency.


3)         Lubricating Oil System :

-           2 pcs of Lubricating Oil Separator

-           Lubricating Oil Storage Tank

-           Lubricating Oil Transfer Pump


4)         Cooling System:

-           2 pcs of cooling tower

-           2 pcs of cooling water circulation pump

-           2 pcs of Expansion Tank

-           2 pcs of Chemical Dosing Tank


       5) Pressurized Air System :  

-           1 pcs of pressurized air compressor working at 30 bar

-           2 pcs of Pressure Reduction Valve(One is the spare for the other) 30/9 bar

-           Pressurized Air Tank (30 bar)


6)         Exhaust/Combustion System :

-           Exhaust ducts , steel construction supports for exhaust ducts , chimney , steel construction supports for the chimney

-           2 pcs of waste heat recovery boiler with a capacity of 1,000,000 kcal/h which can produce 1,5 Tons/h of steam at 7 bars.

-           Air Ducts before Turbocharger, Expansion Joints , Steel Structure Supports for Air Ducts.

-           Heat exchangers for recovering the heat of Engine HT jacket cooling circuit.


7)         Control –Commanding Pannels , Gen-Set automatic commanding and monitoring system with SCADA and PLC.  


8)         110 / 24 V UPS


9)         2 pcs of Ventilation Fans(1 for each gen-set) for the power plant building ventilation


10)       Overhead crane  ( capable of carrying any load not bigger than 2 tons, 3 axis type, it helps a lot at times of removal or installation also at future maintenance)

       Note: The building is steel construction and if it is required and seen feasible by the customer it is also possible to be transported to the new site. 

            The net output of each gen-set is 3,8 MWe , The Net Total (Alternator) Ouput of the Power Plant is 7,6 MWe.  In hot weather conditions this output shall be lower.


Price 1,950,000.- Euro

For more information ask by Email


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3.)  2x5MW Mitsubishi Diesel Power Plant

Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd / Yokahama –Japan
MODEL : 16 KU30 A
POWER: 10 MW (2 x 5 MW)
Manufacturing Year : 1996
Commissioning Date: July 1997
Total Working Hours  : 47.000 saat
Fuel : No:6 Fuel Oil and Diesel
Total Power Production per year : 383.717.420 kwh
Cooling Capacity : by Absorption chiller (1,350,000 kcal/h)
Heating Capacity : By Stack Heat Exchanger (1,762,000 kcal/h)
Status of Maintenance and Operation : The major overhaul is carried out on 14/04/2003.
After 1/05/2003 turn-checks are done weekly.



Diesel Gen-set


Stack (Φ 1,2 x 24 m)


Cooling Tower ( Alarko ARK-10, 925.000 kcal/h)


AEG, 11/33 kV,50 Hz, 15 MVA step-up transformer


Complete control and distribution panels

1 set



Fuel Oil tank (Φ7 x 7 mt, 270 m³ )


Diesel Oil Tank ( 20 m³ )


Clean Oil Tank (10 m³ )


Waste Oil Tank (10 m³ )


Sludge tank (5 m³ )


Pressurized Air Tank (25 bar, 2 m³ )


Separators and Separator Spares


Lub-oil Seperator ( Westfalia OSA 7-0136-066)


Fuel Oil Seperator (Westfalia OSA 20-02-066)


Sludge Seperator ( Westfalia ESC 4-01-066)


Crane (2,5 T, overhead crane)




Fans (Edvan NEP90/112-SL 90-K)


Exhaust Gas Heat Exchanger


Absorbtion Chillers


Spare parts



Price: 2,850,000.- USD           For more information ask by Email


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4. )  3 x 1.1 MW Caterpillar Gen.Sets
already in container
type g 3516b model natural gas
1165 kw / 50hz  / 1500 rpm
with 11 sm g-36 merlin gerin
med. voltage cells (schneider electric)
with 3 ABB trafo step up 34.5 / 0.4 kv 1600 kva (oil type)  

heat recovery system

boiler, heat exchange


Working hours :           1-  15.070
2-      15.761
3-      17.511
W,TH 1 EACH Hilkar Neutral
Resistance 20 Ohms, 1000 Amp.

Price: 950,000.- Euro


For more information ask by Email


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5.)  Ruston TB 4000 Gasturbine

* gasturbine type Ruston TB 4000

* electr. Power 3,38 MVA

* running hours less 800

* starts 800

* frequency 50 Hz

* year of manufacturing 1976, overhauled in 1994,

modification of the control system in 1998

* including turbine control, generator, gearbox, lubrication oil pump,

fresh air filter housing, automatic synchronisation,

spareparts for control system, new fuel gas control system

regulator from1996, battery system for the lubrication oil

system and turbine control, housing.

This plant is used as an emergency plant and very well maintained and the owner

invested much money in the past for overhaul and modifications. The plant is still

available in running condition and can be inspected any time.

Price: 425,000.00 EURO ( incl. dismantling, packing, loading, transport FOB )

For more information ask by Email





6.)  Several new unused Frame 9'S

Fuel: Set up for Liquid Fuel (DIESEL 2). 

GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine Packaged Power Plants


Output Power: 126 MW

Heat Rate: 10096 BTU/KWh (10650 kJ/kWh) (natural gas) 

Model Structure

Type    Standard         Standard        Standard

Fuel     Natural           Gas Distillate Oil Heavy Oil

Output 126100 kW     123300 kW     115300 kW

Heat Rate(LHV) 10650 kJ/kWh 10730 kJ/kWh 10960 kJ/kWh

Heat Cons(LHV) 1343×106 kJ/h 1328×106 kJ/h1263.7×106  kJ/h

Exhaust Temp 543      543                  520

Exhaust Flow 1505×103kg/h 1509×103kg/h 1508.6×103kg/h

Shaft Speed 3000r/min          3000r/min      3000r/min

1-year of manufactured: 2007

2-location: Europe

3-how many hours working NONE - these are NEW - unused.

4-guarantee At this stage, warranty will only provided under an O&M contract.



Scope of Supply


1. Gas turbine generator package


2. Mechanical

• Gas Turbine

• Air Compressor

• Combustors

• Turning and Reduction Gear

• Air Inlet facilities (Filters and Ducts)

• Exhaust facilities (Ducts, Silencer) (less exhaust elbow )

• Starting Motor system

• Dual Fuel Combustors

• Lube and Control Oil System

• Closed Circuit Cooling Water system

• Atomizing and Cleaning system

• Instrument Air system

• Enclosures, including HVAC, Fire-fighting, Electrical Switchboard for:

- Gas turbine unit (external and internal)

- Gas turbine auxiliaries

- Electrical Switchgear

- Control

- Closed Circuit auxiliaries

- Water Injection

• GT Supervision, Control and Protection Systems

• Fire Fighting (detection and protection) system

• Gas Detection system

• Thermal Insulation and Lagging

• Compressor Washing and Cleaning facilities


3. Electrical

• Electrical Generator, auxiliaries and related equipment (Circuit Breaker,

Grounding Switch, Bus duct, Neutral Grounding cubicle, etc.)

• Starting Motor system

• Unit Transformer (11/6 kV) and auxiliary MV/LV Transformers

• Main Switchboards (6 kV, 380 V PC, 380 MCC and emergency MCC) and MV

isolated bus ducts

• Auxiliary Switchboards (Generator Protection, HVAC, Fire-fighting, Lifting

facilities, etc)

• 110 DC Power System

• Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)

• AC/DC Electrical Motors (DC Motor starters included)

• Electrical Protection system

• Lighting and Motive Power system, Heat tracing, Grounding, etc.

• Cables and Cable Trays


4. Instrumentation & Controls

• On board Instrumentation

• Instrument Panels and Junction boxes

• Control, Protection and Monitoring Panels

• MMI (man-machine interface)


5. Miscellaneous

• Special Tools

• Anchor Bolts and Plates

• Stair and Ladders

• Steel Structures


6. Special Tools and Maintenance equipment (for the above mentioned machinery) 

7. Operating and Maintenance Manuals 


The following Gas Turbine performances: 

ISO Conditions 

With reference to the following conditions:

Ambient Pressure: 1013 mbar

Ambient Temperature: 15 °C

Relative Humidity: 60 %

Gas Turbine Inlet/Exhaust Pressure drop: 89/127 mm H2O 

The Plant Performances at Generator terminals when the plant is operated at GT new and clean conditions shall be:

Base Load

Output Power: 126 MW

Heat Rate: 10096 BTU/KWh (10650 kJ/kWh) (natural gas)

For more information ask by Email

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7.)  One ( 1 ) Used  low hour 100 Mw Coal Fired Powerplant

STG Sets Complete With Boiler Plant

Scope Of Supply


·         Fuel:                                                                    Fired On Either Pulverized Coal Or Fuel Oil

·         Cycle:                                                                  50Hz

·         Rated Output:                                                    100 Mw Each Unit

·         Operating Hours:                                               144000

·         First Commissioned:                                          1968

·         Condition:                                                          Excellent

·         Fuel:                                                                    Pf Coal Or HFO (Or Gas)

·         WOL_STG1Boilers:                                                                Ce And Mitchell, Ta Sets Are Aeg Germany

·         Operating Pressure:                                           1275 PSIG.

·         Final Steam Temperature:                                965F

·         Specific Steam Consumption Of Turbine:       4 Kg / 1 Kwh

·         Operating Pressure:                                           1275 Psig. / 965 F

·         Steam Consumption/Required Pressure:        82 Barg Hp Inlet Steam, 525 Deg. C, 4,1 Kg Steam / Kwh, Includes Steam For All Feed Heating And De-Aerator

·         Required Tie-Ins For Steam TG:            Units Are Complete, Tie-Ins Required For Main Steam, Cooling Water For Condenser, And Piping For Feed-Water Heating System Available Complete With Valves, Condensate Extraction Pumps, Cooling Water Pump And Valves, Transformer 110 Mva, 300000 Hv, 15000 Lv. +- 5%



·         Manufacturers Original Data (Catalogue) Manuals Including Drawings

·         Steam Turbine Performance And Characteristics Manuals

WOL_STG2Plant Comes Complete With:

·         Buildings

·         O/H Crane For Turbine Hall Etc

The plant was kept mothballed under supervision for start-up since 91; there was a serious drought in the area

 which left the plant without cooling water for the condensers. Once the water situation improved, the supply

of power from the smaller power stations was no longer required at the time since the big stations

(up to 4800 MW) were running on ECR. (Economical Cont. Rating). In 1999 the decision was made to sell,

first to local interested parties, later to overseas prospects.

The equipment has been professionally laid up.

Price: 7,500,000.- USD

Still installed, removal & install not inluded.

For more information ask by Email


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8.)  10 units Komatsu 545kw

in tandem produce 5.45mw of Power.

The equipment is now dismantled (very professionally) and is stored at docks.

Engineers are at hand to reinstall at an extra cost.

They are all completed with control system, silencer, and even exhaust gas collection boiler as co-generation system. This plant can function as a power station of 5,450kw, not only as per unit. All pipes necessary for power station can be joined if requested.

Price 1,500,000.- USD for a quick sale.

The original cost of the equipment in 2006 was over 10 million USD.

The equipment has done less than 4 months work.


 For more information ask by Email


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9.)  105 MW Siemens Gas Turbine Plant

still installed

Complete Gas turbine Power Plants each consisting of One  Siemens gas turbine and all relevant auxiliaries in excellent condition, fully operable, ready for immediate delivery.

Currently on liquid fuel


Description of  Gas Turbine Generators

Siemens V94.2 heavy-duty gas turbine. rated output of 105 MW at ISO conditions.

The GT unit is of single-shaft, single casing design, equipped with 2 silo-type combustion chambers, a 16-stage compressor and a 4-stage turbine. An air-cooled generator, rated at 125 MVA and generating at 10.5 kV is driven from the cold (compressor) end of the GT unit. –


Siemens V94.2 heavy-duty Gas Turbines with all relevant auxiliaries in excellent condition

10.5 KV, 50 Hz

Fuel : Currently on Liquid Fuel, but Gas Conversion Equipment available.

All relevant auxiliaries in excellent condition, fully operable, ready for immediate delivery.

Description of  Gas Turbine Generators

V94.2 heavy-duty Gas Turbines. rated output of 100 MW at ISO conditions.

Each GT unit is of Single-Shaft, Single Casing design, equipped with 2 Silo-type Combustion Chambers, a 16-stage Compressor and a 4-stage Turbine.

An air-cooled Generator, rated at 125 MVA and generating at 10.5 kV is driven from the cold (Compressor) end of the GT unit.

GT1 & GT2 are currently installed with Siemens diffusion-type Burners for operation on Distillate-oil Liquid Fuel. 

Overview of Operation & Maintenance

Plant owner has consistently performed maintenance on the GT units in order to achieve consistently high levels of availability,
 generation efficiency, peaking capability and reliable start-up.

Major Overhauls have been carried out at intervals of 25.000 EOH.

Inspections on the GT units are typically performed at 18-month intervals and cover the following scope:

-     General inspections of GT Thermal Block

-     Renewal of Air Filter Elements

-     Inspection & Renewal of Flame Tube Bricks (where required)

-     Inspection & Repairs to Air-filter House and Exhaust Diffuser/Stack


The owner performed a Major Overhaul on GT2 in October 1992. Similarly, a Major Overhaul of PPGT1 was last performed in November 1998 with the following scope:

-     Installation of new Flame Tubes complete with assembled Bricks

-     Installation of new Flame Tube Plates

-     Installation of new Inner Casing

-     Installation of new Transition Rings

-     Installation of new Stage 1 Compressor Rotor Blades

-     Repair of Mixing Chambers

-     Overhaul of Generator Alternator


1. Equipment and Systems

The following Equipment, auxiliary and ancillary systems will form part of the Scope of Sale:

Gas Turbine Unit:

-     GT Thermal Block

-     GT associated Fire Protection & Detection System / Gas Leak Detection System

-     GT Instrumentation & Controls

-     GT Monitoring & Protection System

-     GT Control Valve Block

-     GT Starting Motor and Torque Converter System

-     GT DC System with Battery & Charger

-     Ignition System

-     Fuel Firing System (for Distillate-oil Liquid Fuel)

-     Lubrication Oil System and Lubricating Oil-radiator Coolers

-     Control Oil System

-     On-line Compressor Cleaning System

-     Off-line Compressor Cleaning System

-     Air Intake & Filter System with Silencers and self-cleaning Elements

-     Exhaust Gas Stack, Exhaust Gas Ducting, Silencers, Expansion Joints, Aviation Obstruction Warning Lights and Lightning Arrestors


Generator Unit:

-     Generator with air-cooling, including Generator main Connections, Generator Circuit Breaker, Isolated phase Bus-ducts and auxiliary Switchgear

-     Static Frequency Converter System

-     Static Excitation System with automatic Voltage Regulation Control

-     Lubricating-oil System and Lubricating Oil-radiator Coolers

-     Generator Cooling System

-     Generator associated Control, Instrumentation, Metering & Protection System

-     Generator Terminal Enclosure

-     Internal Piping & Cabling Integral to the Unit

-     Neutral Grounding Transformers/Resistors


Transformer Unit:

-     Generator Step-up Transformer (10.5 kV to 66 kV)

-     Unit Transformer (10.5 kV to 6 kV)

-     Associated Protection, Control & Instrumentation System


Mechanical Auxiliary & Ancillary Systems:

-     Two (2) Distillate-oil Storage Tanks

-     Three (3) Distillate-oil Day Tanks

-     Distillate-oil Unloading System (from truck and ship)

-     Fire Fighting System, including Diesel Engine and electrically driven Fire Pumps, Water Storage Tank and Foam Storage Tank

-     Fire Detection & Alarm System

-     Black-start Diesel Generator and Black-start Air-compressor

-     Compressed Air System, including Compressors and Receivers

-     Turbine Hall Overhead Cranes


Electrical Auxiliary & Ancillary Systems:

-     Two (2) Station Transformers (22 kV to 6 kV)

-     Two (2) auxiliary Transformers (6 kV to 3.3 kV)

-     Two (2) Frequency Converter Transformers (6 kV to 1400 V)

-     Two (2) Exciter Transformers (6 kV to 500 V)

-     Two (2) Low Voltage Transformers (6 kV to 380 V)

-     One (1) Off-site System Transformer (3.3 kV to 415 V)

-     66 kV Switchgear for Interconnection to Electricity Grid

-     22 kV Switchgear for Station auxiliary Voltage System

-     6 kV Switchgear for Station auxiliary Voltage System

-     3.3 kV Switchgear for Station auxiliary Voltage System

-     380 V Switchgear for Station auxiliary Voltage system

-     380 V Switchgear for Station auxiliary Power System

-     220 V Switchgear for Station auxiliary Power System

-     24 V Switchgear for Station auxiliary Power System

-     220 V DC System including Chargers & Batteries

-     24 V DC System including Chargers & Batteries

-     Associated Protection, Control and Instrumentation System


Instrumentation and Control Auxiliary and Ancillary Systems:

-     Siemens Iskamatic Control & Protection System for GT units

-     Vibration Monitoring System for GT units

-     Ronan Sequential Event Recording (SER) system

-     Electro hydraulic Control System for GT units

-     Station CCTV System


2. Spare Parts and Special Tools

The following Spare Parts and Special Tools will be included in the scope of the asset sale:

Gas Turbine Unit Spare Parts

-     Sixty-four (64) pieces of V94.2 dual fuel diffusion burners (used condition)

Generator Unit Spare Parts

-     18 pieces - SHIM V40 A00A34K42 0704/00100

-     3 pieces - DUPLEX RES.TEMP.DET ID-NRA00B07E17

-     15 pieces - BRUSH CARBON NKF634 A00A35B70 0705/1

-     6 pieces - HOLDER DOUBLE BRUSH ID-NR A00D36C89

-     1 piece - MODULE ME2-2, MEAS INPUT C71451-A31-A11

-     1 piece - TRANSDUCER ZV4-2, IMPEDANCE C71451-A61A11

-     1 piece - PASS TP3-1, LOW C71451-A39-A8

-     1 piece - INDICATOR, SLIPPING LIMIT C71451-A69-A31

-     1 piece - STABILIZER STU2-2 C71451-A35-A13

-     1 piece - INVERTER WR4/GR3-5 C71451-A37-A22

-     1 piece - SETTER UG4-1, VOLTAGE C71451-A27-A21

-     1 piece - CONTROL WG4-1, ANGLE C72451-A95-A4

-     1 piece - INDICATOR N16-2, ZERO C72451-101-A14

-     1 piece - SET KUS4-1, RELAY C71451-A65-A10

-     1 piece - SETTER KG12-3, COMMAND C72451-A107-A9

-     1 piece - CONTROLLER UA1-1, VOLTAGE C72451-A139-A3

-     1 piece - SET RK2-1, RELAY CHT11 C72451-A103-A2

-     1 piece - REGULATOR, VOLTAGE FA-1 C72451-A141-A2

-     1 piece - MODULE POWER SUPPLY Y3 ARB11-P4D 2523-2A

-     1 piece - MODULE INTERLOCKING V30 ARB11-P2D 2565-2A

-     1 piece - MODULE TIME Z24 ARB11-P2D 2577-1A

-     1 piece - MODULE, RELAY Y24-2 ARB-P2D-2573-1A

-     1 piece - MODULE DECOUPLING V23 ARB11-B2D 2514-1A

-     1 piece - MODULE COMMAND Y29A 1ARB11-P3D 2598-2A

-     1 piece - MODULE COMMAND Y29B ARB11-P3D 2599-1A


Gas Turbine Special Tools

-     One (1) Generator Skid

-     One (1) Generator Trolley

-     One (1) set Generator Rotor Support (consisting of two pieces)

-     One (1) GT Turbine Lifting Beam

-     One (1) GT Turbine Bearing Shaft Support

-     One (1) set GT Compressor casing transportation I-beam (consisting of two pieces)

-     One (1) GT Compressor Bearing Shaft Support

-     Three (3) GT Combustion Chamber Supports

-     Three (3) Up-ending Clamps

3. Documentation

Price 16.5 Million USD       

For more information ask by Email

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10.)  2 (two) Sets 56 MW each

Originally Dual fuel, liquid side removed but available NEW 1985




( liquid fuel items available site )   TYPE 8, 3600 RPM.  NEW 1985. 

Each unit is equipped with 400,400#/HR  heat recovery steam generator available at additional cost.


Please note that these units located in the United States were operated at 60 cycle - 13,800 volts

Gas Turbine

Manufacturer                        BBC Type 8

Type                                       8 Axial Reaction

Number of Compressor Stages         12

Number of Shafts                   1 Common

Number of Turbine Stages     3

Speed of Shaft                                    6339/6349

Mechanical Limit                   56 MW

Exhaust Mass Flow                 177 kg/s

Exhaust Gas Temp                 525C

Casing Design                        Horizontal Split

Rotor Design                          welded

Number of Journel Bearings  2

Number of Thrust Bearings  

Combustion Chamber

Manufacturer                        BBC

Tile Temp                               820C

Pressure Drop                        3,7%

External Diameter                 1.95Meters 

Reduction Gear

Manufacturer                        MAAG

Type                                       G-72 S 


Manufacturer                        BBC

Type                                       WY 16 L0068 LLT

Frequency                              50/60

Nominal Output                                 68.75/82.5 MVA

Rated Voltage                        11.5/13.8 kV

Voltage range                                    +/- 5%

Rated Current                        3452/3600 A

Speed                                     3000 rpm

Short Circuit ratio                  0.456 kc 


Manufacturer                        BBC

Type                                       WBF 6-4 K

Frequency                              50/60 Hz


1.  Last overhaul, GT-901 - March 2000, GT-902 - November 2000.

2.  GT-901 Overhaul March 2000:   

       Replaced all hot gas path parts
       Replaced hot gas casing
       Cleaned and inspected compressor blades, reshimmed rows 10, 11, & 12
       Repaired tile carrier to specifications
       Replaced 13 row A tiles, 4 row B tiles, 0 row C
       Removed liquid fuel oil system
       Rebuilt all 3 blow-off valves
       Completed alignment inspection, did not move
       Inspected gearbox, combustor inner liner insert (CILI), rotor, bearings, and generator
       I&E calibrated/checked all alarms and trips, modified control system for the fuel oil system
removal, pressure tested the gas system, calibrated gas control valve, rotor end face and compressor
discharge temperature transmitter, and the turbine inlet temperature controller.

    GT-902 Overhaul November 2000

       Replaced all hot gas path parts
       Replaced tile carrier with spare from Shell unit
       Cleaned and inspected compressor blades
       Replaced 33 row A tiles, 39 row B tiles, 43 row C tiles
       Removed liquid fuel oil system
       Completed alignment inspection, moved gearbox, generator
       Inspected gearbox, hot gas casing, combustor inner liner insert (CILI), rotor, bearings, and generator
       Rebuilt all 3 blow-off valves
       I&E calibrated/checked all alarms and trips, modified control system for the fuel oil system removal, pressure tested the gas system, calibrated gas control valve, rotor end face and compressor discharge temperature transmitter, and the turbine inlet temperature controller

3.  Operating hours since last OH: 

 GT-91 - 26,275 OH, 29,395 EOH,

GT-92 - 23,475 OH, 26,375 EOH

Equipment may be in need of an overhaul.  BUT RUNNING WHEN SHUT DOWN

Please note that these units located in the USA were operated at 60 cycle - 13,800 volts

Both Plants must be purchased , a Heat recovery is also available with each Turbine.

Note: The heat rate on these turbines are as good as the newer high temp Turbines.

These were originally 50 hz, with reduction gear modification for 60 hz, could go back.

Price is 5.25 Million USD each

HRSG is needed @ $400,000 each                          

 Gear modification to 50 hz expected @ $450,000                    For more information ask by Email


SCOPE and PICTURES on request


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10.)  Two each Westighouse model W-251b 4

Two each  Westighouse model W 251 b2-6  30.9 mw each' 13.8 kv

complete cooling thru electrical metering and Circuit breaker.

liquid fired.

These are perfect work horses for operating on good # 6 oil  ( good oil analyse must be provided )

Westinghouse W 251 b2-6

that unit initiate services on March 14 of 1974, becomes out of service on June 2003, being on the condition of a available for emergencies.

Turbine hours since chnageout 8,600 & 13,000

Current Facts:

Hours Working: 254.2

Net Production: 5.428.9 Mwh

Consumtiion of LFO 15.457.14 Bts

Disponibility: 97.5 %

Net Effeciency: 22.2 %

Hour Rate: 15.341 Btw/Kwh

Total Hours: 75.539

Starts (successfully) 5.472

Overhaul: 6





Open Cycle

Model-W 251 b2-6

Serial No.   17A2106 (SPM)

                 17A2108 (BARAHONA)

Base Charge   28.300 MW-H

Peak Charge   30.590 MW-H

Reserve          31.400 MW-H

Liquid Fuel      Fuel Oil destillated No 2

Speed            4894 RPM

Axiar Compressor Relation  10/1

Axiar Compressor Stages     18

Turbine Stages                     3

Frequency (Hz)       60

Reunion                 4894/3600

Cross fired tubes    8

Rotor Weight                   33,200 Lbs.

Total package Weight      220,000 Lbs.

Rotor Length                          27 Ft.

Total Rotor Package Length    44 Ft.


Price 3.85 Million USD each, plus any removal and freight charges

For more information ask by Email


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11.)  4 each GE Frame 5-la Gas Turbines,

less than 1,000 hours since last major overhaul


BRAND                        GE

MODEL                       MS5001  LA

CAPACITY                   16.5 MW       

RPM                            5100

CONTROLS                 WDPF





RPM                            5100

STAGES:                      15


AIR INTAKE                 INCLUDED

HUMIDITY                  83%

TEMP                          28 c

AREA FOR TURBINE               565 METERS

TEMP                          964 f

AIR @ COMPRESSOR             86 f 

NO. OF COMBUSTION           10

COOLING                   FIN / FAN


GENERATOR               GE

MODEL                      ATB

INSULATION               CLASS  F

COOLED                     AIR

PF                                0.8

CAPACITY                   20780 KVA

CYCLE                         60 HZ

VOLTAGE                    13.8KV

AMPS                          788 AMPS

EXCITER RPM              3600

POLES                          2 POLES


STARTING                    BLACK START DIESEL  ( one per group )



                    TURBINE        :::: 176,000 LB’S 

Price 3.45 Million USD each

SCOPE and PICTURES on request

 For more information ask by Email


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12.)  Two each 10.25 mw Turbine sets

LMA 1500 Turbine Module

The turbine skid assembly is contained in a weather-resistant sound reducing enclosure containing the fully assembled LMA 1500 engine and power turbine. Skid installation includes wiring, instrumentation and piping. The skid is provided with a gas and fire detection/suppression system. An exhauster fan mounted on the skid roof window draws clean filtered air through the enclosure. The enclosure air enters through a window on each side of the skid. Windows are fitted with filters, rain hoods, and fire dampers that are actuated by the fire suppression system.

The module is completely assembled and ready to operate including lube oil, hydraulic oil and fuel piping, instrumentation, and pre-wired electrical components. The module foundation is provided by customer. seller  will supply foundation drawings.


Section 1 - Equipment OVERVIEW

The equipment is outlined in the accompanying equipment list (Section 2) and summarized below. The unit subassemblies are modularized for quick installation and come fully assembled and ready for operation.


Turbine Module

The turbine skid assembly is contained in a weather-resistant sound reducing enclosure containing the fully assembled LMA 1500 engine and power turbine. Skid installation includes wiring, instrumentation and piping. The skid is provided with a gas and fire detection/suppression system. An exhauster fan mounted on the skid roof window draws clean filtered air through the enclosure. The enclosure air enters through a window on each side of the skid. Windows are fitted with filters, rain hoods, and fire dampers that are actuated by the fire suppression system.


Turbine Air Intake and Exhaust

The turbine air intake system consists of a filter house, silencer and air intake plenum. Rain hoods are fitted over the filter elements. The turbine exhaust system includes a transition piece, plenum, silencer and stack.

Generator Module

The weather resistant, sound reducing skid enclosure contains the fully assembled Lufkin speed reduction gear and the Ideal Electric 13..8 kV generator with incoming line cubical. The skid is provided with a fire detection/suppression system. Outside air is drawn through the generator via three skid enclosure windows. Windows are fitted with filters, rain hoods, and fire damper’s actuated by the fire suppression system. The air is vented from the generator to atmosphere via the skid roof window and stack.



An integrated GE Global/Woodward control system allows fully automated operation with operator interface at a 15 screen HML The HMI would be located in customer's designated area. As well as controlling the turbine I generator operation, the system provides normal start­up and shutdown sequencing, and start-up permissive!. The equipment is monitored for generator output voltage, frequency and other key generator electrical parameters, vibration level, operating speeds, bearing and lube oil temperatures, fuel and lube oil flow and lube oil reservoir levels. Out of limit operational parameters trigger an alarm at the HMI. If critical out of limit parameters are not corrected, the control system will cause either a normal shutdown, or in more critical situations, an emergency shutdown.


Lube Oil I Hydraulic Engine Starter Modules.

There are two lube oil skids each with separate oil systems and reservoirs as follows:


The High Temperature Turbine Oil Skid

The skid has a separate reservoir for the synthetic oil with one pump supplying the turbine bearings and one pump scavenging the turbine return oil header. The oil is also pumped to the

inlet guide vane actuators and is cooled by circulation through an air-cooled exchanger.          .

The Conventional Lube Oil Skid

Lube/hydraulic oil is contained in a separate reservoir with pumps for lubricating the gearbox and generator bearings. The oil is also pumped to the hydraulically operated engine starter. Two air coolers in parallel are used to provide lube oil cooling.


Electrical Equipment

The generator is protected against electric faults by a GE Multi Un protection relay.

The control system and the voltage regulator are installed in NEMA cabinets for installation in

Customer’s motor control center or other customer designated area.

A power distribution panel is included for the lubrication skid motors as well as other support functions. The power distribution panel provides isolating disconnects and starters for the motor circuits on the auxiliary skids.

The electrical equipment includes a 1000A isolation breaker with monitoring meters for voltage and current, as well as a digital synchronizer and neutral ground-fault resistor assembly


Turbine Fuel System

The system is designed to bum natural gas at 275 psig. There are also components that will allow switching to #2 diesel oil as an alternate fuel source. Required diesel oil pressure is 650 psig.

Inlet Air Fogger System

Each turbine has an Amco inlet air fogging system that provides evaporative cooling to the inlet air. The fogger is designed to add the exact amount of moisture required to saturate the inlet air, thus reducing the air temperature to close to the dew point. Customer is required to supply softened water to the high-pressure fogging water pumps which are mounted on a separate fully assembled fogging skid. Fogging nozzles are .located in the turbine inlet air filter house.


Section 2 - Equipment Scope of Supply


The following is a description of the key equipment provided with the turbine I generator.

I) LMA 1500 Turbine Module

The module is completely assembled and ready to operate including lube oil, hydraulic oil and fuel piping, instrumentation, and pre-wired electrical components. The module foundation is

provided by customer. seller  will supply foundation drawings.



a) Bellsouth and bullet nose air intake with FOD screen

b) 17 stage turbine air compressor. The inlet guide vanes and the first 6 stages of stator vanes are variable in pitch to provide optimum performance over the entire operating range. Maximum speed is 7650 RPM.

c) a through-flow cannular designed combustion system utilizing 10 simple. Orifice type fuel nozzles with liners

d) a 3-stage turbine driving the turbine air compressor and feeding the power turbine.

Turbine outlet temperature (EGT) maximums are:

1) "base load"      1035  f

2) "peak load"      1115  f

3) "peak reserve" 1175 F

e) The EGT and the air intake temperature, are used to control the engine inlet guide vane setting.


Power Turbine

Hot gas from the engine turbine is fed t9 a GE single stage power turbine which runs at a constant speed of 5500 RPM. Power turbine speed is controlled by the Woodward governor regulating fuel flow.

Turbine Skid (L 21', W 10' 8") Containing the Engine and Power Turbine

a)         The turbine skid enclosure provides weather protection and is sound proofed (85 d8a at 3

b)         The skid enclosure has two air intake windows fitted with filters, rain hoods, and fire

            dampers, an air exhaust roof window with fire dampers, and two equipment doors.

c)                      The skid fire protection system includes:

1) smoke J fire detection module

2) gas detector module

3) logic module that closes the skid air intake and exhaust louvers and actuates a CO2 cylinder

d) The enclosure air exhaust system includes:

1) exhaust fan

2) silencer

3) stack with rain hood


Turbine Instrumentation

a) (2) gas turbine speed sensors (magnetic pickup type)

b) (2) power turbine speed sensors (magnetic pickup type)

c) (12) power turbine inlet temperature probes with type k thermocouples d) (2) accelerometer type turbine air compressor bearing vibration sensors e) (3) accelerometer type power turbine bearing vibration sensors

f) RTD type lube oil supply temperature sensor

g) (5) RTD type oil scavenge sump temperature sensors

h) RTD type turbine air inlet temperature sensor

i) lube oil supply pressure sensor

j) scavenge oil pressure sensor

k) compressor discharge pressure sensor

I) fuel gas pressure sensor

m) fuel oil pressure sensor (if required)

n) power turbine inlet pressure sensor

0) (2) IGV actuator position sensors

p) fuel valve position sensor

q) fuel flow measuring device


II) Turbine Inlet Air and Exhaust System

These systems are field assembled after the turbine. is set on its foundation. Systems require foundations provided by customer. Seller will supply foundation drawings.

The footprint for the inlet air duct, turbine skid, exhaust air duct and generator skid is  approximately 55' x 11'.


Air Intake Filter house

a) Rain hoods

b) Trash screen

c) Seventy two 2'x2' inlet air filters with rain hoods

d) Filter.1.P transmitter

e) Service lighting

Air Intake Silencer

Silencer is designed for an external sound level of 85 dBa at 3 ft.


Air Plenum

a) Double doors

b) Floor drain

c) Service lighting

Turbine Exhaust


 a) Transition piece, exhaust plenum and expansion joint

 b) Silencer designed for an external sound level of 85 dBa at 3 ft.

 c) stack


 LMA 1500 Generator Module


The module is completely assembled and ready to operate including lube oil, instrumentation, and pre-wired electrical components including the incoming line cubical. Module foundation is provided by customer.

Gear Box        ,

The Lufkin parallel horizontal offset speed reducer is designed for input speed of 5500 rpm and output speed of 1800 rpm, and rated for 15,000 hp with a 1.4 AGMA SF.


The couplings between the power turbine and the gear box and also between the gear box and the generator are torque tube type, Kop-Flex.



The Ideal Electric horizontal brush less air-cooled AC generator is rated for 13.8kV @ 60 Hz (1800 rpm); and is supplied with an integral lube system.

Generator Skid (L 23; 0'\ W 10' 11", H 8'2") Containing the Gearbox and Generator


a) weather protected enclosure with sound proofing to 85 dBa at 3 ft.

b) three air intake windows fitted with filters, rain hoods, and fire dampers. Enclosure air is drawn through the generator. The air is then ducted from the generator to a roof window fitted with fire dampers.

c)  two equipment doors.

d) fire protection system including:

     smoke I fire detection module

    logic module that closes the skid air intake and exhaust fire dampers and actuates a CO2


e) Enclosure air exhaust stack with rain hood.

f) NEMA cabinet containing the incoming power line connection terminals. Cabinet is

            mounted on the outside of the skid.  ' .


Gearbox and Generator Instrumentation

a) GE Multi Un SR 489 generator protection system including: 1) power, frequency, voltage current and phase monitors 2) ground fault detection systems

3) key generator temperature monitoring

4) circuit breaker failure

5) voltage and current transformer supervision

b) Sensors that measure:

1) generator stator phase A, B, C  temperatures

2) generator bearing temperatures

3) generator vibration

4) gearbox and generator bearing temperatures

5) gearbox bearing lube oil temperature and pressure 6) gearbox high and low speeds (magnetic pickup type)


IV) Lube oil Hydraulic  and Engine Starter Skids

The modules are completely assembled and ready to operate including all oil tubing and hoses, instrumentation including pressure relief valves, and pre-wired electrical components. Duplex filters are installed downstream of the oil pumps Equipment and piping are stainless steel. Equipment is contained within the approximate footprint of L 20', W 8'


There are two oil modules each with separate. Reservoirs as follows:


Turbine High Temperature Synthetic Lube Oil Skid

This system supplies the high temperature synthetic oil to the turbine bearings and to the IGV actuators.


   a) a stainless steel reservoir

   b) One Thermal Transfer air cooled oil heat exchanger

   c) Lube oil pumps with motors supplying/scavenging the bearings and also the oil cooler

            d) a pump supplying lube oil to the IGV actuators

Conventional Lube/Hydraulic Oil Skid

This system supplies the lube oil to the gearbox and generator bearings, and the hydraulic oil to

the turbine starter.    .


a) An 800 gal stainless reservoir

b) Two Thermal Transfer air cooled oil heat exchangers operated in parallel

c) Lube pumps with motors supplying the gearbox (SInd the generator

d) Hydraulic oil pump with motor supplying the turbil1_ starter

e) Hydraulic turbine starter system


Instrumentation on the discharge side at _ach .of the oil pump includes:

a) Duplex filter (containing 5 micron cartridge_) with  delta P sensor and high AP switch b) oil pressure and temperature sensors.

c) Pressure relief valve discharging back to the reservoir.

V) Turbine I Generator Control System

GE Global/ Woodward Atlas PC Digital Control includes:

a) Power turbine and generator speed controls with a. Woodward governor that sets the fuel


            b) Inlet guide vane (IGV) position controls. The IGV sets the engine speed. The primary IGV

            control input is the turbine inlet air temperature. The control has various overrides, of which

            high engine exhaust temperature is one of the most significant.

c) Gas compressor fuel vent valve controls (vent valve opens in response to most shutdown

            Initiators) .

d) Generator controls using a Woodward DSLC (digital synchronizer and load control)



            1) Monitoring all instrument read outs and initiating an alarm when out of allowable' range

            2) Monitoring the critical operating parameters and initiating a normal shutdown when out of allowable range

            3) Monitoring the most critical operating parameters and initiating an emergency

            shutdown when out of allowable range

4) indicating the status of the start up permissive that have to be met before a start up can commence

indicating the status of each item in the start up sequence list

indicating the status of each item on the shut down sequence list

providing inputs to and outputs from the15 screen HMI that is installed in the

customer designated building           .



A) NEMA cubicle (approximate dimensions 95"Lx 37'W x 100"H) containing:

1) 15KV 1200A main breaker

2) GE Model 489 Multi Un generator management relay

3) current and voltage transformers

4) voltmeters

5) Yokogawa synchro scope and Basler Electric sync-check relay

6) indicating lights

7) switches


B)  A NEMA cubicle (approximate dimensions 33"L x 34'W X 92"H) containing:

1) the Basler Electric SSR series voltage regulator

2) auto-synchronizer relays

3) VAR/power factor controller

C) The neutral grounding resistor


MCC NEMA cubicle (approximate dimensions 80"L x 30'W x 90"H) containing:

1) Starters for all the motors on the lube oil and turbine oil starter skids

2) Turbine enclosure exhaust fan. Starter

3)  Circuit breaker lifting device



a) a pump skid (approximate dimensions TL x 5'W) containing:

1) Fogging pump with motor

2) Motorized ball valves controlling zone flow

3) Service disconnect, breaker, motor starter with overload 4) PLC with operating and safety logic

    fogging manifold and nozzle array mounted in air intake filter house interconnecting ss tubing

    instruments and controls mounted on skid including:


 1) Pressure transmitters on water supply and pump discharge

 2) Temperature transmitter on pump discharge

 3) Solenoid valve on pump suction

 4) Weather station



Description =->





85,000 LBS








25,000 LBS




























Price 2.35 Million USD  each

For more information ask by Email


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13.)  42 MW 108 bar/ 520°C/ 150 t/h Back Pressure Turbine

 including Boiler BBC 1974


Back pressure turbine with a high-middle and low-pressure part. It was operated

without any breakdowns. The blades of the low-pressure part will be renewed for

achieving the whole electrical power output of 42 MW.

Technical specification:

Manufacturer BBC, Baden, CH

Year of Construction 1974

Operating Mode Back pressure

Power Output 42 MW


Mass flow 150 tons per hour

Live Steam Temperature 520 °C

Live Steam Pressure 108 bar

Rotation Speed 3000 rpm

Without isolation, dismantled and renewed with new blades


The generator also may be considered almost as good as new. It was able to operate

without any breakdowns.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer BBC, Baden, CH

Year of Construction 1974

Power Output 42 MW

Voltage 13.8 kV

Rotation Speed 3000 rpm


Air Cooling 108’000 m3/h

Dismantled and ready for transport


This high pressure steam boiler can be fired with light oil or natural gas and satisfies

the environment standards without any problems. All boiler parts are asbestos-free.

The steam generator may be considered almost as good as new.

Technical Specifications:

Manufacturer Wehrle Werke, Emmendingen, D

Year of Construction 1974

Number of Burners 6

Fuel light oil, natural gas


Production Quantity 150 tons/hour

Output temperature 525 °C

Output pressure 110 bar

Exhaust air Satisfies the emission limits of Switzerland

Without isolation and dismantled


Moser Glaser Transformer “unused” Type T30W 12/5000 build in 1994.

Technical data:

Manufacturer Moser Glaser, CH

Year of Construction 1994

Type of Transformer T30W 12/5000

Power of Transformer 11/6 kV, 20 MW

Condition of Transformer Unused

Dismantled and ready for transport


Control Desk with Siemens (Mosaic-Desk) with Synoptic, including 20 electrical


Technical data:

Manufacturer BBC, Baden CH and Siemens

Renewed in 1994

Number of electrical cabinets 20

Number of control desk 1

Dismantled and ready for transport




Availability: Immediately

Price: 8,300,000.-. EUR

For more information ask by Email



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14.)  100 MW Power Barge

with Pratt & Whitney FT4C-1D gas turbines on diesel or natural gas

The FT4C-1D Twin Pac is an outdoor, completely self-contained, automatic, gas turbine powered electric generating plant, nominally 50 HZ rated at 51 MW at 15* C. The unit contains all the equipment required for local unattended operation and provisions for interconnection to a remote control panel.

Price is 45 Million USD

 For more information ask by Email



 15.)  92 MW Power Barge

with GE Frame 6B gas turbines

on diesel

Price  51 Million USD

with HFO option for an additional 5 Million USD

 For more information ask by Email



16.)  63 MW Diesel Electric Power Plant Equipment

consisting of

48 MW Diesel Electric Power Plant Equipment

Six (6) units of 8 MW, AC Electric Generator Set

Diesel Engine

 Make Fuji, SEMT-Pielstick

 Model 18PC2-5V

 YOM 1974

 Number of Cylinder 18

 Power 11,700 Hp

 Speed 514 rpm

 Turbo charged

 Mounted on massive concrete foundation

 Engine No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


 Make Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

 Type F525/34-14

 YOM 1974

 Power Rating 10,000 kVA (8000 kW)

 Current 875 amps.

 Voltage 6600 volts

 Phase 3-phase continuous rating

 Power Factor 0.80




 Smoke Stack 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 4 m diameter at bottom to 3 m diameter at top, 13 mm thick at bottom reducing to 6 mm thick at top, 300 meters overall height, with 3 landings and ladder 

 Black Start Generator 


 Caterpillar, Model 3405, 1997 year mfd., 500 kva/400 kW rating, 240 volts, 3-phase, powered by 6-Cylinder Diesel engine, turbo charged, skid mounted 

 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 


 Vibraclean, Model VC7200/1300 

 CIP Module 


 Lutz/02030-018654, Type B2230, 8,5 li/min pump flow rate 

 Sealing Water Pumps 


 DP Pump, Type DPVF 2-130, 0,8 li/sec capacity, each driven by 2,2 kW electric motor 

 Soft Water Pressuring Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, Model V8, 790 gallons capacity, approximately 1219 mm diameter x 2591 mm high, 150 psig pressure 

 Deaerating Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 40 liters capacity 

 Graviner Oil Mist Detectors 



 CMR Bearing Temperature Monitor Panels 



 Lubricating Oil Sump Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 2,40 m x 2,40 m x 1,80 m H, 13,500 liters capacity 

 Main Lube Oil Lubricating Pumps 


 Japan, rotary gear type, 150 mm suction and discharge diameter, each driven by 74,6 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 440 volts, complete with motor controller and other standard accessories) 

 Air Compressors 


 Ingersoll Rand, 3- cylinder reciprocating piston type, each belt driven by 15 kW electric motor 

 Air Receiver Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, cylindrical, 750 mm diameter x 2400 mm high 

 Oil Drip Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, cylindrical, 1,50 m diameter x 3,0 m length, equipped with Oil Pump (Rotary gear type, 50 mm suction and discharge diameter), driven by 3,73 kW Electric Motor (3- phase, 230 volts) 

 Deepwell Pump 


 Grundfos, submersible multi-stage centrifugal type, driven by 55,95 kw electric motor, black iron pipe casing, 350 mm diameter, 150 mm diameter drop and discharge pipe, 300 meters deep, complete with controls and other standard accessories 

 Cooling Towers 


 Intercool, FRP construction, cylindrical type, 7,26 meters diameter x 8,81 meters high, 2248 cu meter /hr water volume, with blower, driven by 14,92 kW Electric Motor complete with standard accessories 

 Concrete Basin 


 Reinforced concrete construction, 30 m L x 20 m W x 2,40 m H, open top 



 RG Trans-Electric Corp., metal enclosed, 2 vertical sections with 1200 A main breaker and 6 magnetic controllers for cooling fans 

 Raw Water Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 6,0 m diameter x 7,20 m high, 189,000 liters capacity, vertical cylindrical tank with ladder and top port and other standard accessories 

 Soft Water Pumps 


 Aurora, single stage centrifugal type, 100 mm x 75 mm suction and discharge diameter, driven by 3,73 kW Electric Motor (3- phase, 220 volts, 1730 rpm, complete with controls and other standard accessories) 

 Brine Tank 


 Plastic construction, 900 mm diameter x 1200 mm high with cover 

 Water Softeners 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 1,20 m diameter x 1,80 m high, vertical cylindrical tank with resins, 4- leg support, complete with standard accessories 

 Treated Water Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 1,80 m diameter x 4,80 m high, vertical cylindrical tank, 4- leg support, complete with standard accessories 

Cooling Water Circulating Pumps 


 Weinmann, single-stage horizontal split-case centrifugal type, 300 mm x 250 mm suction and discharge diameter, each driven by 93,25 kW Electric Motor (3- phase, 230/460 volts, 1775 rpm) 

 Bunker Oil Storage Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 12,20 m diameter x 13,50 m high, 1,300,000 liters capacity, vertical cylindrical tank, mounted on concrete foundation, complete with spiral stairs, volume indicator, manhole and other standard accessories 



 Toyo Filter, 150 psi, flange bolted 

 Diesel Storage Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 4,84 m diameter x 6,50 m high, 100,000 liters capacity, vertical cylindrical tank, complete with standard accessories 

 Lube Oil Storage Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 3,86 m diameter x 4,55 m high, 50,000 liters capacity, vertical cylindrical tank, complete with standard accessories 

 Oil Pumps 


 Daito Kogyo, Japan, Type KHR-10-40, rotary gear type, 50 mm suction and discharge diameter, driven by 1,50 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 230 volts) 

 Oil Pump 


 Daito Kogyo, Japan, Type KSR-25-90, rotary gear type, 75 mm suction and duischarge diameter, driven by 5,50 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 220 volts) 

 Oil Heaters 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, shell and tube type, with aluminum claddings, 450 mm diameter x 1500 mm length 

 Oil Pump 


 Daito Kogyo, Japan, Type KSR-10-4, rotary gear type, 50 mm suction and discharge diameter, driven by 1,5 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 220 volts, complete with control and other standard accessories) 

 Oil Transfer Pump 


 Daito Kogyo, Co., Ltd., rotary gear type, Type KSR-25-120, 75 mm suction and discharge diameter, driven by 7,46 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 220 volts, 1750 rpm, complete with control and other standard accessories) 

 Fuel Oil Purifiers 


 Mitsubishi Chemical Machinery Mgf. Co. Ltd. Self-Jector, Type SJ8000, 8000 liter/hr capacity, 5000 rpm, driven by 15 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 230/460 volts) 

 Fuel Oil Purifiers 


 Mitsubishi Chemical Machinery Mgf. Co. Ltd. Self-Jector, Type SJ6000, 6000 liter/hr capacity, 5500 rpm, driven by 11 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 230/460 volts) 

 Oil Separator Tank 


 Reinforced concrete construction, 9,0 m L x 2,40 m W x 2,0 m depth, 3 compartments, with stairs 

 Oil Sump Pit 


 Reinforced concrete construction, 1,20 m x 1,20 m x 2 m depth, equipped with 2- Oil Transfer Pumps, Rotary gear type, 50 mm suction and discharge diameter, driven by 1,5 kW Electric Motor (3-phase, 230 volts, complete with standard accessories) 

 Sludge Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 2,0 m diameter x 6,0 meters length, cylindrical horizontal tank, with steel support 

 Diesel Service Tank 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 2,40 m diameter x 3,0 meters high, vertical cylindrical tank, complete with standard accessories 

 Bunker Settling Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 2,40 m diameter x 3,0 meters high, vertical cylindrical tank, complete with standard accessories 

 Bunker Service Tanks 


 Mild steel plate of welded construction, 2,40 m diameter x 3,0 m high, vertical cylindrical tank with aluminum claddings and rockwool insulation, electrically and steam heated with 20 kW electric heater, complete with standard accessories 

 Bunker Oil Transfer Pumps